Singers of ALL levels & ALL styles,

Actresses & Actors,  Voice Over Artists,

Public Speakers, Dancers, and Performers.


Achieve functional freedom in vocal mechanism by adherence to objective scientific laws & principles so the student's intent and the result harmonize. 


1.  Isolate, develop, & coordinate vocal muscles (chest & falsetto registers).

2.  Correct vowel size & shape in relation to pitch.

3.  Proper movement of the breath.


  • Pitch in tune.  
  • Breath conserved. 
  • Vowels pure. 
  • Throat free of constriction. 
  • Sing longer without fatigue. 
  • Sing louder with no strain & no pain. 
  • Singing range extended. 
  • Voice energized & full of personality. 


No tricks, No methods, & No magic.

Only consistent correct work over a sufficient amount of time gets job done.